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A voluntary recall by Ferring Pharmaceuticals US of Stimate® (desmopressin acetate) Nasal Spray, 1.5mg/ml, manufactured for CSL Behring by Ferring has led many patients with von Willebrand disease (VWD) to look for new options to manage their bleeds.

Stimate® will reportedly not be resupplied through at least 20232

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As reported by the National Hemophilia Foundation and Hemophilia News Daily 2

Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc. initiated a voluntary, consumer-level recall of all batches of Stimate® Nasal Spray (desmopressin acetate) 1.5 mg/mL...1

An internal investigation conducted by Ferring Pharmaceuticals ... found an issue with the tightness of the bottle seal. Measures taken to prevent recurrence of the issue will affect the availability of the products through at least 2023.2

Were you recently switched to Amicar® or tranexamic acid after the Stimate® Recall?

Some patients who were prescribed Stimate® Nasal Spray to treat bleeds associated with VWD have been switched to Amicar (also known as aminocaproic acid) or a similar product called tranexamic acid (brand names, Lysteda and Cyklokapron).3 These are clot-stabilizing medications that help control mild bleeding by slowing the breakdown of blood clots. Amicar and tranexamic acid can be given orally (as a pill or oral solution), which makes them a convenient choice.

Are you experiencing breakthrough bleeds after switching to Amicar® or tranexamic acid?

Amicar and tranexamic acid are often given as an adjunct (or add-on) to other blood clotting treatments, such as desmopresin (Stimate) or clotting factor concentrates such as wilate® (von Willebrand Factor/Coagulation Factor VIII). For example, to treat an oral bleed in a patient with VWD, Stimate or factor concentrate are often used first to form a clot; aminocaproic acid may be given after to help preserve the clot until healing has taken place.4 If you are taking Amicar or tranexamic acid alone and experiencing breakthrough bleeding...

Consider wilate® — Approved to treat all types of bleeding in VWD and FVIII deficiency

Wilate is FDA approved to treat minor, moderate and severe bleeding in both children and adults with all types of VWD. Wilate is also approved in adolescents and adults with FVIII deficiency (hemophilia A) for routine prophylaxis and on-demand treatment and control of bleeding episodes.5

Wilate has over a decade of real-world use as safe and effective treatment for bleeding in patents with all types of VWD. To date, more than one billion units of wilate have been infused worldwide.6

For more information about wilate, connect with your local Factor My Way Patient Experience Manager!

Factor My Way Patient Experience Managers are dedicated to helping you! Many are bleeding disorder patients themselves. They are committed to helping you successfully navigate the challenges of living with VWD and answer any questions you may have about wilate. Your Patient Experience Manager is eager to meet you in person or by phone, video chat, email, or text. CLICK HERE to connect with your local Patient Experience Manager.

Please see Indications and Important Safety Information below.


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Indications and Important Safety Information for NUWIQ® and wilate®.
Indications and Important Safety Information for NUWIQ® [Antihemophilic Factor (Recombinant)]
Indications and Important Safety Information for wilate® [von Willebrand Factor/Coagulation Factor VIII Complex (Human)].